Product Details

While we try out best to ensure that the pictures displayed on our website are as true and accurate as possible to the acrual design, colours, shape, size of the product, the final product you receive may be slightly different due to lighting and may also appear different on each screen depending on the screen resolution. Each product is unique as it is handcrafted which implies that no two pieces can be exact replicas, with a 5-10% margin on changes in weights and dimensions and therefore the overall look. The stones used may have, indentations, inclusions or other slight imperfections which are the identity and beauty of naturally occurring gemstones. Having said that, we strive towards putting all our efforts to match it to the specifications provided on the website and do not compromise on quality at any point.

If you see a change in prices in product it is because we revise our prices if there is a hike in the prevalent gold rates or other precious materials used in the design.

All our products are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.